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A free set of tools to do more with your Paratext project, wherever you are.

Engage with the language community. Collaborate with your peers.
Paratext Collaborate on Scripture
Community Checking Engage in community checking
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About Scripture Forge

Extend Your Reach with Scripture Checking

Scripture projects engage increasingly geographically diverse groups of heart language speakers.

Our Community Checking tool facilitates modular Scripture checking campaigns, to deliver broader feedback to the translation committee, faster.

Paratext Works with Paratext

1 Paratext integration and ongoing synchronization keeps your project up-to-date and allows user feedback via Paratext Notes.

shuffle Flexible

2 Compile unique questions that fit your specific context.

group User Engagement

3 Invited users can answer questions, leave comments on existing answers and like responses.


It was so easy! ...all I had to do to get started was log in using my Paratext registration and boom! It was all there.

Right away I chose a verse and wrote a checking question for it. Then I also recorded myself asking that checking question.

It’s so great that feedback can be gathered either way. All the features are wonderful for remote contributors, including the option to answer the questions with an audio recording.

Trevor Deck SIL Global Diaspora Specialist

Where translation and the community meet.