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Community Checking

Learn how to set up and use Community Checking.

Setting Up Community Checking

computerParatext project Administrators can watch this video to learn about setting up Community Checking. It covers:

  1. Connecting to a Paratext project in Scripture Forge.
  2. Adding questions to be checked by the community (these can feature audio recordings of the relevant Scripture, or the question itself).
  3. Sharing the project by inviting Community Checkers to answer questions.
  4. Synchronizing the Community Checkers' answers with Paratext.

Watch How Community Checking Works

movieCommunity Checkers and Administrators should watch this video to see how Community Checkers can answer questions and interact with each other. It covers:

  1. Connecting to a Scripture Forge project as an invited Community Checker.
  2. Answering questions in text and audio form.
  3. Selecting Scripture to reference with answers.
  4. Interacting with other Community Checkers by adding comments to their answers.

Working Offline

cloud_offCommunity Checkers and Administrators should watch this video to see how users can keep working, even when offline. It covers:

  1. Loading questions automatically before going offline.
  2. Answering questions, including recording an audio answer, offline.
  3. Installing the app on your device by using Add to Home screen.
  4. Automatically saving updated answers once you're back online.

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Learn how to edit Scripture collaboratively and use translation suggestions.

Editing Scripture

editAdministrators can connect a Paratext project to Scripture Forge to edit Scripture as they would in Paratext, while benefiting from increased collaboration options.

  1. Edit Scripture in Scripture Forge as you would in Paratext’s Basic view.
  2. Synchronize your Scripture Forge project with Paratext to keep your work up to date.
Scripture editor

Collaborating on Scripture

peopleTranslators can work on projects collaboratively, editing Scripture at the same time.

  1. Work with Translators in multiple locations on the same project.
  2. Collaborate on the same book, same chapter, or even the same verse.
  3. See other Translators' edits in real time, as they type.
Scripture realtime collaboration

Setting Up Translation Suggestions

computerAdministrators can enable Translation Suggestions to assist Translators.

  1. Select a project the translation is Based on and the intelligent suggestion engine can be trained to provide helpful translation suggestions.
  2. Most effective on closely related projects with similar grammar and style of translation, such as adaptation projects.
Translation suggestions settings

Accepting a Translation Suggestion

schoolWith the suggestion engine set up and trained, Scripture Forge may offer Translators suggestions as they type.

  1. Translators can receive suggestions about how to translate the next word or phrase, as they type.
  2. Simply hit ENTER or click on the suggestion to accept it, or hit ESC or continue typing to ignore it.
  3. The suggestion engine learns and provides better suggestions as each verse is translated.
Translation suggestion

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